Our favourite,


A french Artisan based in UAE

Using French flour from mills in France.

All his bread is kneaded, hand- made and traditionally baked.

Without preservative nor improving bread making.

With long fermentation and use of natural sourdough.


Freshly, completely baked and delivered, ready to eat!

Our Selection of Fresh Breads

Black Olive long loaf - 500g AED 24.00 (VAT included)
Multigrain long loaf - 500g AED 19.00 (VAT included)
“Poilâne” type bread - 1200g AED 44.00 (VAT included)
Walnut & Raisin & Gogi long loaf - 500g AED 29.00(VAT included)
Apricot & Nuts long loaf - 500g AED 27.00 (VAT included)
Walnut & Fig long loaf - 500g AED 29.00 (VAT included)
Wholemeal long loaf - 500g  AED 19.00 (VAT included)
Rye long loaf - 500g AED 19.00 (VAT included)
Campagne long loaf - 500g AED 14.00 (VAT included)
Baguette Tradition AED 10.00 (VAT included)

To keep the bread longer, we recommend to freeze and toast it.

Our Selection of Pastries

Almond croissant -50g AED 7.00 (VAT included)
Almond chocolate croissant -50g AED 8.00 (VAT included)
Plain Brioche –800g AED 32.00 (VAT included)
Sugar Brioche –800g AED 35.00(VAT included)
Chocolate chips Brioche –800g AED 40.00 (VAT included)
Croissant – 50g AED4.50 (VAT included)
Chocolate croissant – 50g AED5.00 (VAT included)
In order to deliver freshly baked products, our order and delivery service is independent from our online boutique.

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Orders must be done 2 days before.

Minimum order value per drop : AED 60.00

Dubai: Deliveries on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Abu Dhabi : Deliveries on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Methods of payment:
Cash on Delivery / Transfer

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