Our range of caviar is exquisite, and is best enjoyed with a spoon

from its original packaging on a bed of ice.

Your taste buds will wake up with delight in anticipation for the second serving!

Tasting Advises



In the refrigerator between 0°C to 6°C.


Open the tin about 10 minutes before serving and place it on a bed of ice.


Consume within 48 hours after.



Russian-style on the hand or with a spoon (mother-of-pearl, horn, porcelain even plastic).


Place the eggs on the tongue and let explode their flavors against your palate.



In association with a dish


Dressing must be done just before serving in order not to let the
caviar warm up.

Suggested drinks


Several agreements are possible: vodka,

mineral champagne, dry white wine, iodized

spirits (whisky, rum).

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