There are more than 25 sturgeons species in the world and Baerii is one which is farmed in France, Aquitaine. France had its own sturgeons, Sturio specie, fished in 19th century for its meat. During the Bolshevik Revolution, Russian aristocracy has migrated to France and brought with them their taste for roe. It was during the Roaring twenties that the caviar was considered as one of the finest dishes ever. From 20th century, caviar became so famous and prices increased significantly, resulting in overs-fishing wild sturgeon species. In order to protect the wild Sturio specie, sturgeon from Siberia had been initially imported as the best sturgeon specie able to be farmed in pure water.

Sustainably-grown sturgeon from the crystal-clear streams of Périgord Noir in France, where fresh, clear and calcareous water creates the perfect natural environment and using artisan techniques without any medication, Caviar Perle Noire honours the human heritage of the Region where the gastronomy is passed down from one generation to the next. So taste caviar as it is meant to be – refined, natural flavours with melting textures and seductive undertones.

The challenge of MA SÉLECTION is based on a concept more selective than quantitative.

We have intentionally selected a small-volume producer, artisan farmer, concerned by sustainable development and wishing to respect the traditional production of French caviar to guarantee the flavour of its origin, from all along the production chain to tasting.

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MA SÉLECTION wants to bring an authentic taste.