Building on the essence of the Japanese tea ceremony while paying homage to our Arabian roots, Tchaba, literally meaning Tea Leaves in Japanese, curates signature blends cultivated from the finest handpicked tea leaves and infused with herbs, spices and essential oils, offering a melange of flavors guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning of palates.
The Tchaba repertoire of Artisan teas is an ode to natures precious Camelia Sinensis, grown on a handful of single estate farms that have nurtured the development of the delicate hand-picked tea leaf to unveil a collection of superior quality teas captured in scent, taste and experience.
With a carefully curated selection of full leaf Black, Green, Oolong, White and herbal infusions, our vintage and specially curated Tchaba tea blends express the essence of sophistication, ceremony and respect for a refined palate that can revel in the diversity of aromatic notes engulfed in our opulent range of premium teas.
Cold infusion brewing instructions in Boutique TCHABA TEA according to our selection.
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