Caviar Perle Noire utilizes an open cycle system to feed fresh water with sturgeons in a low-density environment. This allows sturgeons more time to eat and grow naturally; yielding more fats, lipids, and most importantly, a unique and exquisite taste. The excellence of Caviar Perle Noire comes from its exclusive preserved natural environment, associated with its artisanal expertise.

Why Caviar Perle Noire is so unique:

    • Sustainable method of production.
    • Farmer Artisan Producer: passionate team and specialized in aquatic farming.
    • Water quality: located in NATURA 2000 area. The farm is fed by a local small stream through an open cycle system and is not recycled. Fresh, clear and calcareous water classified first fish-farming category. Rich in mineral and calcium, the water doesn’t have any parasite and earthy taste. Quality assured via regular analysis.
    • Low-density of sturgeons and surroundings as similar as possible to their natural environment.
    • During Winter Season: weather conditions close to natural conditions of sturgeon from Siberia.
    • Absence of diseases and curative treatments.
    • Quality diet: the sturgeons benefit from feeding free of GMO, antibiotics, and flour from terrestrial animals.
    • Water not artificially warmed to accelerate their growth: 8 to 10 years are needed to collect the roe with an optimal quality. It is the art of patience.
    • End of life cycle: female sturgeons are put into a natural spring water to rid them of any impurities.
MA SÉLECTION is the exclusive importer of Caviar Perle Noire. Choose from Caviar Perle Noire’s different options: each capturing the unique taste of patiently raised sturgeons from a pristine natural environment and fed free of GMO, flour terrestrial animals and antibiotics.

The authorized workshop answers to all European standards of hygiene and traceability (veterinary and CITES). The low-density ponds and free-range sturgeon farming methods, associating to a low salting and traditional refined canned-aging “Malossol” mean that the caviar is the highest quality and has the taste nature intended.